A Dialogue on Polyamory

Person:”Are you seeing my friend or this other girl?”

Me:”I’m seeing them both”.

Person:”So you’re cheating on them?”

Me:”No. They both know; we’re all friends and we’re happy that way.”

Person:”Well, which do you love?”

Me:”I love them both.”

Person:”Which do you love more?”

Me:”I don’t understand the question. They’re different people. How do you measure?”

Person:”Why don’t you commit to one of them?”

Me:”Why can’t I commit to both of them?”

Source: polylove-girls-blog

Many people just do not understand what it means to be polygamous. As a result those who do not conform to standard and normalized monogamy are often questioned and seen as confused or crazy. This should not be the case. Why does there have to be a right and wrong? A good and bad? Love and relationships should be something that is personal and personalized. No one should feel they need to explain their decisions to others, and no one should experience someone telling them what they feel is wrong. I hope for a society that can one day accept all types and forms of love.

A little bit late to post this, but better late than never!

For the first time since 1998, Ontario has revised their Education Curriculum so that primary school children will now receive an education about sex, puberty, stages of development, contraception, the dangers of online bullying, consent, gender expression, gender fluidity, and same-sex relationships. These changes are amazing and wonderful strides towards children being more educated and aware of their bodies, themselves and society at large. But also, as importantly, these changes represent growth and acceptance among our government and those in power within ontario as becoming more accepting. While there still may be more to do before the system is perfected, these modifications present great steps towards a more understood and educated social body.