Breaking down gender norms in the modelling industry

I’m sure to most of you it is not audacious to say that the media has always, and continues, to depict exclusively two-gendered, male and female stereotypical individuals. Within the modelling industry many argue that certain barriers are being broken down, however, today it nevertheless tends to display men and women in extremely stereotypical manners. Men seem to always dominate, be posed in authoritative stances,  and are often placed in what looks like positions of power. On the other hand, women are almost always dressed provocatively, they are over-sexualized in that they are often posed in sexually suggestive manners, and further they are often positioned as being submissive, or inferior, or behind the men. In this way, the advertisement and fashion industry certainly does not help in breaking down gender-barriers and stereotypes.

Today, a story caught my eye because it represents an example of how the modelling industry does sometimes go against the norm, and push some barriers. This story is about a retired swimmer, Casey Legler, who now is the first female male model. Legler is a woman who is six-foot-two, who has a somewhat masculine-like body, and therefore who often fits into men’s clothes best. She was asked recently by a photographer friend of hers to be in a photoshoot called ‘Out with the boys’ that depicts a male-gang, but does not use any male models. As such, she became the first female male model.

Not only is this story truly fascinating, but it demonstrates strides from certain individuals within the fashion industry to break stereotypes and gender norms and to be more inclusive and accepting of individuals. People are not of only two genders, body types, and personalities and I think it is time for the fashion industry to start recognizing this!

Here is the video link to Casey’s story!

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