Social Media’s Massive #BlackOutDay Movement Sees Positive Impact In Black Community

Amazing social media initiative to celebrate black beauty and fight negative stereotypes in the media and society towards black individuals. I think this campaign really speaks to the power of the public in having an impact on society and perceptions. There is a strong connection to this past week’s readings on social movements and transnational activisms, and the power that the masses can have in making a difference. The only change here is that individuals have taken to the web and social media to fight for what is right and to celebrate individuality and equality! Truly inspiring!



Today is #BlackOutDay–that means photos, gifs, videos, and selfies of Black people are being uploaded and shared all over the internet in an effort to drown out negative stereotypes which often harm the Black community.

It was created by Tumblr user, Y.R.N, and has already seen positive impacts across the internet. #BlackOutDay is currently trending on Twitter and the movement seems to have struck a personal chord with many people online.

Here’s what some Tumblr Users had to say about how the Blackout affected them:

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Tumblr User, El Diablo, received a loving response today after he admitted that he was shy about his appearance and sexuality, in this post. He found the courage to contribute to #BlackOutDay after witnessing so many other Black people proudly posting their photos online.

“My picture has so many notes and I’ve gained so many follows of different walks of life,” writes El…

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